Monday, March 17, 2014

Disney throwback show inspired look. #KimPossible

I guess my conscience decided to make me dress like Kim Possible. Kim Possible is one of my favorite Disney shows from back in the day.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kiss Looks So Natural Demo in 10 Easy Steps!

Hi Guys!!  Tody I am coming to you with a preferably QUICK written demo on HOW I APPLY FALSE  EYELASHES!

So first off:  I would just like to state that the product I am reviewing for you today is the: Kiss Looks So Natural False Eyelashes in VAMP! Also that, I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. These lashes are so soft and easy to apply with the simplest techniques and tools.

DISCLAIMER!! I am not being paid to review this product. ALSO!, I am not a professional Makeup Artist. This is just How I apply my false lashes and how it works for ME!

1. Take the lash tray out of the packaging and DON'T DROP the Glue that is behind it!

2. Carfully remove the Lashes from the Tray by either using your fingers or TWEEZERS. Start from the outer portion of the lashes, then peel it off going the direction of where the rest of the lashes are still stuck to the tray. (These lashes easily take shape.)

3. Now simply take your Clean Fingernails or some Sanitized Tweezers and peel off the FACTORY glue off of the CLEAR lash band. (A LASH BAND is the srip where the lash hairs normally tied onto.)

4. Now without having curled your natural eyelashes and applied mascara, take the false eyelashes and form them into a regular eyelid shape, take them and place them along YOUR natural eyelashes and measure them to the point where you are sure they do not bother your eyes when they are open or closed. (So make sure the ends of the band is not poking you in the inner corner or outer corner of your eye.) Make sure they fit well on the INNER portion of your eye and then on the outer portion if the lash band exceeds beyond where your eye and natural eyelashes end, make note on where you need to cut off the extra lashes.

5. Now remove the lashes from your eye and get some small 


END of the lashes, NEVER the inner end!!!

6. Now repeat the Steps for the other lashes and eye.

7. Now take the glue that comes with the package or your favorite lash glue/adhesive. (Mine is the DUO LASH ADHESIVE in Dark Tone and White to Clear.) Then apply the glue straight from the tube or you can use the clean end of a makeup brush. Apply a thin layer all across the srtip/band and add extra little pearl sized to the ends of the band because they tend to lift there the most.

8. Once you have applied the glue, let it get tacky/sticky, so wait about 30 seconds to a minute to achieve the tackiness and then apply them as close to your NATURAL lashes as possible using your fingers and/or tweezers. Then move them around and position them nicely and comfortably and push on the band to make sure that they are placed nicely on your eyes.

9. Now you can apply some liquid or gel eyeliner over the glue after it has dried so that the shininess is not visible. Then pinch the flase lashes to your real ones so they dont look separated and they can combine and look even more natural.

10. Also if you would like, add some mascara to blend them even more!!

Thank you to and I hope this helps you girls or guys out! 

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-xoxo Thalia

Thursday, March 13, 2014

All Time Favorite Show/Episode

Watching my fav episode of #ThePowerPuffGirls BEAT YOUR GREENS when they beat up the BROCCOLI ALIENS #Broccoloids lmao #Boomerang

BH Cosmetic's Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Planning, Filming, New Video

I am planning to film a COLLECTIVE HAUL video. Have not posted a video in weeks on my Youtube channel. I have been soo busy with school work. Im sorry, but I will be back soon l. Subscribe to my channel and Request some videos.

Explosion on 116 and Park Ave.

The news that my school just got. About #ExplosionOn116andPark #PrayForOscar